We Are Hydrogen Specialists!

  • We are an Australian owned company that provides complete turn-key hydrogen system solutions for our partners and clients.
  • We utilise a strict Systems Engineering Process for our specialised engineering and systems integration work.
  • We are completely dedicated to a responsive, transparent and totally trustworthy culture.


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What We Do

Hydrogen Refuelling Stations

We have a large amount of hands-on experience with Hydrogen Refuelling Stations.

Please see here for more detailed relevant experience on specific plants.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Locating analysis
  • Requirements analysis/documentation
  • Design, build, commission/test, operation and maintenance
  • Plant efficiency data gathering, studies/reports and improvements
  • Safety and fire code compliance
  • Fire alarm system design, build and commissioning
  • Hazardous operability/Identification of safety vulnerability studies
  • Project safety management plans
  • Emergency response plans
  • Plant standard operating procedures
  • Operator/maintenance/user training
  • Bulk hydrogen transport
  • Purity sample collection and testing
  • Decommissioning

Hydrogen Refuelling Station Timeline

  • 462 bar First Fill October 2007

  • First Bulk Hydrogen Transport November 2007

  • Station Construction October 2012

  • Station Commissioning July 2013

  • 350 bar First Fill October 2013

  • 700 bar First Fill January 2014

  • Station Construction March 2014

  • First Bulk Hydrogen Transport August 2014

  • Station Commissioning August 2014

  • 350 & 700 bar First Fill September 2014

  • 350 bar First Fill December 2014

Hydrogen Training

Fire Department Training


  • Completed formal Hydrogen First Responder Training offered by the California Fuel Cell Partnership and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
  • Have provided training for 8 crews from the U.S. Federal Fire Department on two 700 bar hydrogen refuelling stations
  • Have the required experience and expertise to train Australia's Fire and Rescue crews on hydrogen safety and first response (presently contracted through a large automotive manufacturer to conduct preliminary training for specific NSW crews)

Technical Training


  • Are certified to train on specific manufacturer hydrogen generators (electrolysers)
  • Have trained a vast number of hydrogen system end users on system use and general hydrogen safety
  • Have trained many junior engineers and technicians on hydrogen system safety, operation & maintenance
  • Offer a detailed hydrogen training course which includes in depth hydrogen awareness training along with in-depth technical details required for the safe design, build, operation and maintenance of hydrogen systems

Other Hydrogen Projects/Experience:

Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine Powered Vehicles

We were directly involved with fleet management and maintenance of 10 hydrogen internal combustion engine vehicles (3.5 years). We are passionate about hydrogen powered vehicles of all types and plan to go racing them soon!

Hydrogen PEM FC Powered Forklifts

We have been directly responsible for writing a commercialisation plan for Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage, Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel Cell (FC) Powered Forklifts. We have also completed maintenance on two different manufacturers’ hydrogen PEM FC powered forklifts. We have been directly involved with "first fills" of these forklifts.

Hydrogen PEM FC Light Cart

We were directly involved with the design, build and commissioning of the world's first Hydrogen PEM FC Powered light cart for the U.S. Air Force. This system included a 12 kW PEM FC and PLC based control system.

Hydrogen PEM FC System Development

We have been responsible for development of a 1.5 kW PEM Fuel Cell System (including balance of plant and storage system) for use in an unmanned air vehicle.

Renewables to Hydrogen

We produced a large Government report analysing hydrogen distribution options for a Pacific Island, using otherwise curtailed renewable energy (1 GW renewable installation). We have also studied PEM FC (on-board vehicle) integration to microgrids.

Hydrogen Storage System Development

We have been directly responsible for developing both high pressure and metal hydride hydrogen storage systems.



Get to Know Us Up Front

Cranston Polson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Cranston grew up in a mechanical/electrical 'hands on' environment. He has been involved in Research & Development and Commercialisation projects in South Africa, U.K., Mongolia, Canada, USA, and Australia. He has been exclusively involved with hydrogen projects since 2007.

Cranston has wide-ranging experience with electrolysers, hydrogen storage, fuel cells and hydrogen vehicle fleet management/maintenance. He also has extensive experience with hydrogen refuelling station design, build, commissioning, and operation and maintenance.

Cranston has a Mechanical Engineering degree, and Masters of Engineering Science from the University of Tasmania.

Bernie O’Connor

Strategy, Business Development and Program Management

Bernie was a founding Director of Hydrogen Mobility Australia, an industry association supporting the commercialisation of new Hydrogen and Fuel Cell technologies for transportation, export, storage, and stationary applications in Australia. Bernie was also responsible for the management of the delivery of Toyota Motor Corporation Australia’s first fleet of Mirai FCEV’s to Australia. Bernie worked for Toyota Motor Company Australia for 39 years and is a Former Senior Executive Advisor to the Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Board.

Previous roles with Toyota included:

  • Executive Vice President, External Affairs and Corporate Planning, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific – Singapore
  • Vice President, Administration, Toyota Motor Asia Pacific – Thailand
  • Executive Director of Corporate Services, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia
  • Associate Director, Manufacturing & Engineering, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia.

Oriana Sanicola

Operations Manager

Oriana has extensive experience in research engineering and operations management. She has worked in both start-ups and large institutions on product research, development and testing in the fields of renewable energy and water quality. Oriana has a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering; University of Queensland.

Call me if you need anything!

Mark Miller

Integrated Systems Engineering and Program Management

Mark has successfully provided Systems Engineering and Program Management support to complex aerospace, alternative energy, hydrogen, and alternative fuel vehicle projects for more than 30 years. He is the founder of an engineering services company providing design, development, test, and system implementation for the U.S. military. He first met Cranston Polson (H2H founder and CEO) while jointly working with him on several hydrogen projects for the U.S. military, in Hawaii (2009 – 2014).

Mark has significant expertise adapting systems engineering processes so that they can be effectively used in the successful management of engineering projects. He has successfully led engineering efforts for the U.S. military having a cumulative value of over $200M USD; with all projects fully meeting customer expectations.

Mark’s technical background started as being focused on software engineering. However, he quickly showed a propensity to lead multi-disciplined engineering efforts and has successfully done so for the better part of three decades.

Jeffrey Ng

Strategy and Commercial

Jeff has 10+ years’ experience as a C-level manager, covering a broad range of industries, geographies and size of company, from global banking & finance through to start-up and early-stage technology companies.

Jeff has significant experience in hydrogen storage development having been CEO of a hydrogen storage (metal hydride) start-up company for 9 years, taking it from bench-scale material through to commercial-scale system. Under his tenure, Jeff partnered with 2 global industrial gas companies to develop and demonstrate the technology, and secured direct investment from a large multinational specialised gas company.

Jeff is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Corporate Directors, has a Master of Business Administration from Monash University and also a Bachelor of Science, with 1st class Honours from the University of Otago.

Tim Sawyer

Business Development and Project Management - Western Australia

Tim is a specialist in commercial project development and implementation, environmental management, government liaison and grant administration, contract negotiation, stakeholder management, media relations, environmental engineering, and project permitting and approvals.

Tim is currently in his final year of a Master of Business and Administration at the University of Western Australia and has a degree in Oceanography with Physical Geography from the University of Southampton.

Brian Cox

Senior Engineer

Brian is an electrical and control systems engineer with over 20 years' experience working across a number of industries, but exclusively in the renewable energy field since 2006.  He has worked on utility scale solar and wind projects, the commercialisation of concentrated solar PV technology, and hybrid off-grid power systems involving the integration of solar, wind, battery energy storage, and hydrogen systems.  Brian has been working on hydrogen projects in Australia since 2015.

Brian has an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Tasmania, and a Masters in Materials Science from Heriot Watt University.

Dr. Guenter Randolf

Senior Engineer

Guenter has a long history working on technology for renewable energy and environmentally friendly vehicles.  In 1993 he added sensors and simulators to his car to prove the idea of ultracapacitors for hybrid vehicles. This work was later continued under the Hawaii Electric Vehicle Demonstration Project (HEVDP) funded by the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He has developed systems for dynamic Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) testing and rest-bus simulation, Hardware in the Loop (HiL) and high speed PEMFC stack test stations, multi-channel spectrometers for diagnosis of large PEMFC stacks and batteries along with measurement and automation for hydrogen refuelling stations.  As a consultant and National Instruments Alliance Partner, he develops software and circuit boards and has contracted to organisations such as European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), Hawaii Natural Energy Institute (HNEI), Magna and Gemini Telescope.

Guenter has a Masters Degree in Physics, and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Technology in Vienna.

Christoph Claas

Project Engineer

Christoph is a mechanical engineer and project manager who has been studying and working in the hydrogen field since 2010. Following completion of his bachelor thesis (on a high-pressure heat exchanger for liquid hydrogen) he spent six years designing and building hydrogen refuelling station systems, followed by two years working for an international gas company on hydrogen refuelling station projects, rolling out over 20 hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany. This role also included project managing hydrogen refuelling station deployment on behalf of H2 MOBILITY Deutschland.

Christoph has a Master of Business Administration (MBA); Münster University of Applied Sciences, Institute for Technical Business Studies and a Bachelor of Engineering; Münster University of Applied Sciences, Department of Mechanical Engineering.

Tony Peebles

Senior Design Engineer

Tony is an extremely experienced electrical & instrumentation designer and draftsman having been involved with many large-scale projects for companies such as Woodside throughout his 40 year career. He also has extensive experience with Hazardous Area plant commissioning.

He is a qualified electrician with advanced training and qualifications in the following areas: Advanced Certificate in Industrial Electronics in Hazardous Areas, Project Management, and Engineering Instrumentation.

Vincent Kelly

Civil Engineer

Vincent has extensive experience working on power, industrial and renewable energy projects. He has acted as civil/structural lead on numerous projects including the management of engineering teams. Vincent works with H2H as a consultant or direct employee, pending customer requirements.

Vincent had a Bachelor Degree, Civil Engineering; Queensland University of Technology, is a CPEng, RPEQ and a Licensed building practitioner, Civil Engineer, VBA.

Richard Smith

Hydrogen Projects Manager

Richard is a highly experienced Project Manager. His experience spans a range of industries covering technical roles with international IT vendors, construction industry manufacturing with bespoke equipment installation, Oil and Gas logistics and recently Project Management of a large site redevelopment and renewable energy microgrid incorporating electrolysis and various traditional power generation assets. Richard is results driven with a strong focus on working collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve outstanding results.

Code of Ethics

  • We will always function in a safe manner, maintaining that safety begins with each individual and no task is too important to jeopardize the use of safe practices
  • We will always adhere to safety codes, along with supplying clients with written guidelines for safe use of our products/systems
  • We treat everyone with respect and conduct all practices in an ethical manner
  • We maintain open and free communication with all employees, suppliers and clients
  • We operate in a no blame culture where problems are isolated, not the person or company
  • We build our business around informal processes, networks and relationships, based on trust
  • We continually strive to align our goals internally, along with that of our suppliers and clients, thus with the aim to achieve a common goal
  • We focus on the specific tasks at hand rigorously to achieve optimum results within the given constraints
  • We make quick decisions based on the situation and information at hand, without compromising safety or integrity
  • We understand that real gains come at the boundaries thus always strive to innovate whilst being realistic about what can be achieved


H2H Energy is a technology agnostics hydrogen project delivery provider who works closely with their partners to provide engineering solutions that suit the application and budget.

  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle OEMs
  • Electrolyser manufacturers
  • Hydrogen refuelling station manufacturers, including compressor, refrigeration and storage system OEM’s
  • Fuel Cell manufacturers
  • Systems integrators
  • Project developers
  • Large gas and mining companies

Over and above our commercial partners/clients, we have also worked with the following organisations on various hydrogen related projects:

  • Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
  • Griffith University
  • Monash University
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Hydrogen Mobility Australia
  • U.S. Department of Energy
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
  • Hawaii Centre for Advanced Transportation Technologies
  • California Fuel Cell Partnership
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Sandia National Laboratory
  • Savannah River National Laboratory
  • National Research Council of Canada


We are always interested in talking with talented people, especially those with practical experience who are passionate about advanced clean energy and would like to become involved in the hydrogen industry.

Although we have been assembling our team for many years we predict the next five years and beyond to be extremely busy as the hydrogen industry grows. Consequently, we are going to need to add capable, good people to the H2H team.

Please send your resume to recruitment [at] h2henergy [dot] com [dot] au.


Email : info [at] h2henergy [dot] com [dot] au

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